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Is it just you?
No. Me, my small team, plus associates. My associates are people who I have worked with, or who have worked for me, during my career. I resource projects flexibly, scaling up or down as required.
What does your pricing model look like?

It depends on the project, but the basic proposition is that you will pay a lot less for better work & advice, than if you went directly to a big consultancy.

We can put together a scope of work, with pricing against deliverables (fixed price), or we can agree a day rate (time & materials).

Bear in mind that I have done pretty much every role in learning, from course design & facilitation through to filming and learning strategy. This means that you don’t have to hire a big team of people to get the job done; I am more than happy to do the stakeholder consultation, audience analysis, design, facilitation & filming, and programme evaluation.

Who have you worked for?

During my career I have worked for or advised: Siemens, the BBC, BP, HSBC, Barclays, IATA, Swinton Insurance, Google, Facebook, HS2, Johnson & Johnson, Leo Pharma, the United Nations, Phillip Morris International, the Red Cross & Red Crescent, the Metropolitan Police, Vodafone, Unilever, Citibank, Balenciaga, Aviva, Network Rail, Rolls-Royce, the Premiere League, Lego and others that I can’t recall or mention.

What kinds of work have you done?

I started out as a psychology lecturer, so know a lot about instructional design and learning theory.

I worked as a flash developer then led learning technology teams, so know about digital learning (design, deployment & strategy), I then went on to work on leadership, induction, diversity & inclusion and culture change programmes (both face-to-face and digital elements).

Having been a college lecturer for several years and a regular conference speaker, I am very comfortable facilitating events. I still speak regularly on the IMD CLO programme and have delivered sessions on the Penn CLO doctoral programme (amongst others).

I also worked a lot on compliance and regulatory training during my time at the BBC and BP, as well as technical training programmes, then moved on to learning strategy and transformation when I led the (client-facing) service-line at PA consulting and latterly as CLO for Deloitte in the UK. I also worked on talent strategy and systems.

I honestly don’t know anyone in the industry with comparable breadth & depth of experience.

Why work with you?

I like to focus on improving the employee experience not just on pushing content. I also like to develop the capability of internal teams, working together on projects.

I’ve done some of the most exciting, award-winning, ground-breaking work in the industry, so I can help you take a leap forwards. I also wrote the book on How People Learn.

I’m fun and memorable to work with 🙂

Do you have a catchy values statement?

Yes of course. Three ‘Cs’: Care, Conversation, Challenge. I believe that challenges change us – challenges we encounter as businesses, personally or to our way of thinking. In challenging people it’s important to take the time to find out what they really care about, or you will struggle to take them on the change journey. And lastly, in overcoming challenges conversation is essential if you want to transform successfully.

Will you sign my copy of ‘How People Learn’?

I would be delighted to. You can purchase it here.

Where are you based?

Bracknell, west of London.

Is it true that you throw marshmallows at people?

Yes, but only for educational purposes and only when it is safe to do so.