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About Nick Shackleton-Jones

An industry revolutionary, Nick is responsible for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift, introducing the affective context model of learning, and creating the 5Di© approach to human-centered learning design.

He has a 30-year track record of shaping future learning approaches for numerous public and private organisations.

Winner of several awards for people development strategy, innovation, and learning content, including the Learning & Performance Institute’s Award for Services to the Learning Industry, 2017 Nick is also the author of ‘How People Learn’ (Kogan Page, May 2019).

Nick began professional life as a psychology lecturer, and working for Siemens, the BBC and BP in roles encompassing learning strategy, culture change, leadership, innovation, technology & multimedia. He established and led the learning innovation client service at PA Consulting, moving on to work as Chief Learning Officer for Deloitte in the UK before founding Shackleton Consulting.

So what do you actually do? (our services):

Small Things

Spark Sessions:
in need of inspiration? Short talks that are provocative, fun and memorable.

User-Centered Design (5Di) Workshops: 
learn how to make a difference to performance & experience.

medium things

Design Co-Pilot: 
working with you to design learning or culture change experiences and performance support.

Delivery & Facilitation: 
first-rate, memorable, facilitation & delivery.

large things

Programme Design: 
world-class end-to-end programme design & delivery.

Strategy or Transformation: 
reimagining and improving learning in your organisation, including digital strategy & implementation.


Charles Jennings, former CLO Reuters, founder 70/20/10 institute

I hold Nick Shackleton-Jones in high regard. Over the years I’ve known him I’ve seen his consummate professionalism and thoughtful but practical approaches applied in various situations.

Nick is a practitioner with a deep knowledge of the psychology of learning and an excellent understanding of ‘what works’ with new technologies and innovative approaches to learning and performance. He is equally ‘practical achiever’ and ‘creative thinker’.

As well as all these things, Nick’s a thoroughly decent man with whom you would choose to take a long walk

Nigel Paine, former CLO BBC, founder nigelpaine.com

I have had the privilege to work with Nick over very many years in the ever more complex roles that he has taken on.

Nick is a supreme thinker and tactician who can combine deep theoretical knowledge with intensely practical outputs and products. This keeps him always ahead of the curve and a great innovator who can think abstractly but always find the practical application.

Never leave a chat without being challenged and enthralled

Laura Overton, CEO & Founder Towards Maturity

I have known Nick for almost 15 years and have never failed to be inspired by his pragmatic insights that he shares freely. His passion and enthusiasm for learning innovation that delivers bottom line business results is recognised worldwide and the respect that he enjoys comes from a reputation for being grounded in reality.

He is one of a rare breed of learning leaders who actively walking the walk rather than just talking the talk!

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