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Here are some experiences that can help
transform people, and their capability.

I don’t believe ‘chalk & talk’ does much to change people – neither is it a great experience.

Over the years I have developed & delivered programmes which are highly experiential and address common challenges: ranging from GenZ/Gen Alpha adapting to the business environment, to leaders getting more engagement from remote teams.

For learning & development professionals we currently provide the only accredited Human Centred Learning Design (5Di©) programme (open enrolment).

Human Centred Learning Design (5Di©) Accreditation

Human Centred Learning Design (5Di©):

During the last decade many organisations have made the shift to human-centred learning design using the tried & tested tools & techniques that 5Di© provides. In this one day workshop you will gain hands-on experience of using human-centered learning design, and leave with a 5Di© accreditation.

Here’s a pdf introducing Human Centred Design

Here’s a video explaining it.

Here’s a link to sign up.

‘Getting started’ programmes

Interpersonal skills (1 day)

My first job was as a psychology lecturer. Over the course of 30 years, working for organisations including Siemens, the BBC, BP, Deloitte I have helped coach, train & refine interpersonal skills for people at all levels of the organisation. This is a hands-on programme covering areas including active listening, emotional intelligence & rapport building.

Business behaviour (1 day)

Many businesses are seeing an influx of Gen Z and Gen Alpha employees who lack the fundamentals of business etiquette – whether that is email communication, participation in meetings or just everyday expectations. This is a hands-on programme designed to make life better for new starters, and the businesses that employ them.

‘Getting better’ programmes…

Consulting Skills (1 day)

I set up and led a professional consulting service line for a big UK consultancy, as well as working for Deloitte UK in a senior role. I have trained new consultants, and also taught consulting skills to non-consulting businesses who feel their employees – for example sales people – would benefit from a more consultative approach.

Team engagement (1 day)

Engagement is important for organisations because it impacts areas such as performance, retention and employee experience. Many organisations are seeing a decline in employee engagement – and the increase in remote working hasn’t helped. Whilst leaders are often charged with turning things around, they rarely have the skills and tools to do that. This programme introduces practical activities and skills to make an impact.

Storytelling & visioning (1 day)

How do you get people to buy in to your message? To believe in your project? To follow your direction? In a future where soft skills will be critical skills, storytelling and visioning are differentitors in a wide variety of roles. This programme will build your ability to tell engaging stories and set out a compelling vision.